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Justice is served. by the scoop.

Batman Product Wonder Woman Product Super Man Product

Taste the Trinity. Collect the comics.

Collect THE four comics from each flavor to read an exclusive adventure featuring Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman!

Super Hero Ice Cream Carton Collectible Comic Strips Collect all 12!

Batman Dark Knight Brownie Bite Ice Cream

Batman Image

You’ll love this chocolate light ice cream with bat-shaped chocolatey pieces, rich brownie chunks and a fudge swirl. It’s the dessert that Gotham City deserves.

Batman Ice Cream Carton

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Twirl Ice Cream

Wonder Woman Image

A flavor like this could only come from Paradise Island. This caramel and vanilla light ice cream is packed with star-shaped caramel chips and a graham cracker swirl. And you can thank Hera for that!

Wonder Woman Ice Cream Carton

Superman Krypton Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Superman Image

Now here’s a scoop that Clark Kent would be sure to chase. This flavor combines cookie dough light ice cream with red and gold cookie dough pieces and blue sprinkles.

Superman Ice Cream Carton

Are you snacking like a super hero?

If so, tag your photo with #SUPERHEROICECREAM. And be sure to collect all four comics from each hero—Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. Find each flavor in a freezer section near you!